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Custom Jerseys to Attract Sponsors and Fans

Park Antony provides professional and minor league sports teams, promotional departments, and corporations with affordable, custom-designed replica jerseys. Our custom jerseys attract sponsors while bringing fans into your stadium or arena.

Custom Jerseys

Custom Team Apparel

Our replicas and apparel are perfect for all in-stadium and arena promotions. Guaranteed to draw fans, our products have a high perceived value and are priced well within your promotional budget.  We replicate your team jersey with high-quality materials in all sizes ranging from youth 6-8 to adult XXL. Private labeling is also available with orders of 1,000 pieces or more. All of our textile products are manufactured in our US plant.


You will easily attract sponsors with our jerseys. Sponsor's logos will be showcased on the team jerseys which become season long billboards.

How It Works

Our professionals discuss all aspects of your promotion to help you select the best products to achieve your goals. We find out what your promotion is, who you're promoting, and the type of material you wish to use, ensuring you will be completely satisfied with your finished product. We customize everything, allowing you to pick the:

• Promotional Item • Material • Sizes • Designs

Why Choose Us?

The attractive, custom-made jerseys we offer are priced well within your promotional parameters. As a domestic manufacturer, we provide better quality products with a faster turnaround time at a more competitive cost. We consistently beat the competition by providing top-quality products that are deliverable within weeks rather than months. Most of our promotional items are manufactured in the United States.